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  • What Ceremony Else? (I: September 2020)

    What Ceremony Else? (I: September 2020)

    I often think about funeral speeches. Those that have moved me with their love, humanity and individuality; those that have disappointed with their stock phrases and easy platitudes. In moments of anxiety for the safety of people I love, catastrophising, I sometimes wonder what I might say about them. It’s unthinkable to contemplate their demise, […]

  • Old Friends

    Old Friends

    My visits to my aunt are not about photography; it’s just that I usually happen to have a camera in a bag or a pocket.  There’s no posing, no arranging – not even time to dial in settings.  Images are grabbed in the course of conversation – me on the opposite sofa, or squashed right up against […]

  • Red Light

      How I came (back) to photography As a daughter, granddaughter and niece of photographers, I have early memories of dark rooms with red lights and chemical smells. Slightly later, I’m sitting on a wobbly blue stool at the enlarger composing photograms. I learnt to count in f-stops, and by the age of ten I […]